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The Daughters' War

  • Author
    • Christopher Buehlman
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  • Published: Jun 27 2024
  • Pages: 416
  • 248 x 160mm
  • ISBN: 9781399608732
The goblins have killed all of our horses and most of our men.
They have enslaved our cities, burned our fields, and still they wage war.
Now, our daughters take up arms.

Galva - Galvicha to her three brothers, two of whom the goblins will kill - has defied her family's wishes and joined the army's untested new unit, the Raven Knights. They march toward a once-beautiful city overrun by the goblin horde, accompanied by scores of giant war corvids. Made with the darkest magics, these fearsome black birds may hold the key to stopping the goblins in their war to make cattle of mankind.

The road to victory is bloody, and goblins are clever and merciless. The Raven Knights can take nothing for granted - not the bonds of family, nor the wisdom of their leaders, nor their own safety against the dangerous war birds at their side.

But some hopes are worth any risk.

A fraught, shattering fantasy adventure, this standalone novel is set during the war-torn, goblin-infested years just before The Blacktongue Thief.
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Press Reviews

  • Shauna Lawless
    A masterful tale of war and loss. The Daughter's War is achingly beautiful, and once it has you in its grip, it will not let go until you turn that final page
  • Nicholas Eames
    Christopher Buehlman's worldbuilding is second-to-none, so grimly evocative it feels like the worst parts of history in the best possible way. Galva's story is full of heartbreak and despair, but its darkness is balanced by exquisitely crafted moments that explore the bonds of friendship, sisterhood, and love that endure despite the soul-shattering horrors of war
  • Christian Cameron
    The Daughters' War is so exactly what I want in a fantasy novel it almost feels as if Chris wrote it for me
  • John Hornor Jacobs, Author of A Lush and Seething Hell and The Incorruptibles
    Beuhlman bursts through the confines of modern fantasy with a story by turns profane, brutal, beautiful, devastating. A work of towering imagination, twists of a razor-honed wit, Galva's indelible voice, characters that move with undeniable authenticity to their fates - The Daughters' War shows what fantasy can be in the hands of a master. Prepare yourself
  • Mark Lawrence, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Book That Wouldn't Burn
    So good - exactly the sort of writing I love
  • Luke Scull
    The best fantasy novel I've read in the last couple of years
  • Dragonmount
    The Daughters' War is a masterpiece