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The Road to Roswell

  • Author
    • Connie Willis
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Sep 19, 2024

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  • Published: Sep 19 2024
  • Pages: 416
  • ISBN: 9781399624169
Francie is a reluctant Maid of Honor, for several reasons.

The first is that her friend Serena has terrible taste in men. Previous fiancés have included a storm-chaser, a shaman and a kamikaze base-jumper. This is the closest a wedding has come to happening, and it's to a UFO-chaser.

The second is that, as a result, the wedding is being held in New Mexico. In Roswell. During the UFO festival.

After a series of travel disasters that end with her car sharing with another wedding guest - who also happens to be an FBI agent - a wedding due to take place in the UFO Museum, conducted by a high priest from the Church of Galactic Truth, and a frankly repellent bridesmaid dress, the alien abduction is actually a high point of Francie's day.

Bundled by an alien into an SUV, which she is forced to drive, what follows is a chaotic road trip, picking up other waifs and strays, hotwiring an RV, and desperately trying to work out what their alien captor actually wants.

This chaotic road trip of a story is delightful fun, perfect for fans of PAUL, GALAXY QUEST and THE ORVILLE. It's a stand-alone entry point into the world of multi-award-winner Connie Willis.
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