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A Fine and Private Place

  • Author
    • Peter S. Beagle
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  • Published: Oct 12 2023
  • Pages: 320
  • 196 x 126mm
  • ISBN: 9781399607063
Jonathan Rebeck is homeless. Bankrupt. He has dropped out of society and has been living quietly in a local cemetery, under the care of a raven who is quite good at stealing sandwiches.

Far from being lonely, however, Jonathan is able to converse with the ghosts around him, and finds himself following two new spirits, Michael and Laura, as they fall in love with each other. He becomes invested in, and part of, their cautious romance. But the circumstances behind Michael's death are slipping from his memory, and the further from life they drift, the closer the loss of love feels.

When a visiting widow stumbles across Jonathan in his graveyard home, will the living world begin to intrude on this fine and private place?

Peter S. Beagle's legendary, beautiful debut novel is filled with all his characteristic warmth and humanity. With a new introduction by Neil Gaiman, A Fine and Private Place is a timeless classic from the author of The Last Unicorn.
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