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Archangel's Kiss

Edition of 500
A dark, intense and smouldering sexy read
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Gollancz Emporium Exclusive Hardback Edition £30

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  • Published: Feb 15 2024
  • 440 g
  • 249 x 175mm
  • ISBN: 9781399623070

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A luscious hardback edition of Archangel's Kiss, the gripping second novel in Nalini Singh's fantastic Guild Hunter series. This beautiful volume is the premium way to read this spicy romantasy series.

Welcome to a dark new world where lethal, beautiful archangels hold sway over immortals and mortals both, with the Guild Hunters caught in between, tasked with retrieving those vampires who break their contracts with their angelic masters.

Elena Deveraux is a Guild Hunter. She was hired to do the impossible - to hunt down a rogue Archangel - and she succeeded where none had believed she could. But in the process, she fell in love. And not just with anyone: with the Archangel Raphael. It is a love that's as powerful, entrancing and incredible as it is terrifying, and dangerous.

But the world won't stand still while Elena and Raphael enjoy their new-found love. Vampires and angels still go rogue, and it's still Elena's job to hunt them down, and return them to their angelic masters. For all that she is exceptional, Elena isn't invulnerable - and the more obvious her talents become, the bigger a target she could find herself ...

This special edition is limited to 500 copies and features:

  • Black imitation cloth cover with a foiled finish
  • Vibrant pink endpapers
  • Head and tail bands
  • A marker ribbon
  • Gloriously sprayed edges