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Blake's 7

  • Authors
    • Terry Nation
    • Trevor Hoyle
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  • Published: Aug 04 2022
  • Pages: 192
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781399603119

New edition of the Terry Nation classic

Galactic freedom fighters battle The Federation.

Accused of a brutal crime and exiled from Dome City, where a vicious regime wields dictatorial power, Roj Blake swears vengeance on the corrupt leaders who have destroyed his future.

Hijacking the Liberator, the most advanced spacecraft ever created, Blake travels to the sinister planet Cygnus Alpha and risks everything to rescue other victims of the regime. And with these allies he forms a new fighting force to combat galactic injustice and fight The Federation.

Blake's 7 is born.

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Press Reviews

    Blake's 7: 40 years on, the dystopian sci-fi drama still packs a punch
    It was forward thinking in the use of ongoing storylines and has been cited as an influence on such shows as Babylon 5, Firefly and Deep Space 9
    One of the most popular sci-fi series Britain has ever produced
    A genuine classic
    A serious home grown science fiction adventure series