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Confounding Oaths

A cosy standalone Regency romantasy from the bestselling author of Boyfriend Material
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    • Alexis Hall
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  • Published: Aug 27 2024
  • Pages: 416
  • ISBN: 9781399616485
In Confounding Oaths, a nobleman must work with a dashing soldier to save his sister from a mystical bargain gone wrong, diving into a world of malicious fey, enigmatic cults, and treacherous magic in an irresistible romance perfect for fans of Lex Croucher, Juno Dawson, and Freya Marske.

The year is 1815, and Mr John Caesar is determined to orchestrate a successful coming-out for his younger sister, Mary. Despite his best efforts, he is thwarted by the various interventions of a ragtag regiment of soldiers, a mysterious military cult, and a malicious fairy godmother.

When Mary is cursed by the fair folk, the dandyish Mr Caesar is forced to work with the stolidly working-class - yet inescapably heroic - Captain James to rescue her. While Mr Caesar is no stranger to dallying with soldiers, until now he's never expected one to stay. Or wanted one to. But even if the captain felt the same, there'd be no chance of anything lasting between them. After all, he and Mr Caesar come from different worlds.

And lately, other worlds are the last thing either of them want to be dealing with...

Praise for Mortal Follies:

'A lovely, pitch-perfect romance, with an alternate Regency setting that is well developed and has tremendous charm... Part historical, part fantasy, all top-notch queer romance'
KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)

'A fresh and delightful addition to the queer romance canon... All the interpersonal drama of Jane Austen meets all the complex treachery of Greek mythology'
PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)

'Whimsically wonderful, witty writing that evokes Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde... An effervescent, genre-blurring romantic confection'
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    A fun, frothy quintessentially British romcom
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    How? How was this book written? My vote is witchcraft. What a study in character development. It's a how-to without even trying. I'm going to treat this novel like I do my favorite cardigan and buy 5 copies for when one wears out. Everyone needs to read this
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    Brilliantly written, dangerously good, immensely satisfying. I love this book. Deeply. Eternally. My favorite romance of the year
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