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Eve: Templar One

  • Author
    • Tony Gonzales
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  • Published: Jul 12 2012
  • Pages: 464
  • 196 x 134mm
  • ISBN: 9780575090224
The technology to download the consciousnesses of pilots into multiple clones, the Capsuleers, has finally delivered the dream of immortal soldiers. Train a soldier just once and then however many times he dies he will keep on getting more experienced, more battle toughened, as his brain is downloaded into a ready supply of cloned bodies.

But no-one anticpated the effects of the multiple traumas, the multiple stresses of multiple lives and deaths on the battle field.

War is hell. And now it can last forever for everyone.

A fast-moving action-packed novel of interstellar war and high-tech combat, backed by massive cross promotion.
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