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Gateway of the Saviours

  • Author
    • A J Dalton
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  • Published: Dec 12 2013
  • Pages: 480
  • 136 x 201mm
  • ISBN: 9780575123199
Ancient Gods begin to stir and demand resurrection...

A naked and crazy holy man leads a young warrior into the realm of the dead...

In fear for his life, a young member of an evil race flees his home...

An uneasy peace has settled upon Jillan's remote corner of the Empire, but he cannot return to his previous simple life. Tricked into a bargain with the manipulative God of Mayhem, he is forced to embark upon a journey that will leave his hometown undefended. Unsure of his fellow travellers, pursued by assassins and spies, he must discover the means by which to raise up the old gods and defeat the cruel Empire of the Saviours.

Meanwhile, the Empire's vast army of Saints and Heroes descends upon Godsend. Jillan's beloved Hella and a few loyal companions resist the dark magicks used against them for a while, but the Saviours cannot allow such resistance to go unpunished...

And from another realm, the Declension watches. Their servants, the Saviours, have suffered setbacks. The God of Mayhem is loose. A young boy with wayward powers is on his way to Haven, where he may find a way to destroy them. A renegade member of their race is rampaging through their realms.

Everything is going to plan.
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