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On the Steel Breeze

  • Author
    • Alastair Reynolds
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  • Published: Oct 30 2014
  • Pages: 528
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9780575090477
A thousand years in the future, mankind's influence expands into the universe. Alastair Reynolds' epic vision of our journey into deep space will redefine Space Opera.

Chiku Yellow is earthbound: living a peaceful life on a changing world as humanity explores a thousand new ways to experience life.

Chiku Red is space-bound: blasted into deep space to investigate Eunice Akinya's last journey, and maybe discover the final secrets of space travel.

Chiku Green is planet-bound: travelling thousands of lightyears to the planet Crucible. A new home for humankind; it's a habitable planet hosting a fascinating alien labyrinth.

All three are Chiku Akinya.

All three are pivotal to our future in space.

All three are in danger ...
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Press Reviews

  • Jonathan Wright

    As good as contemporary SF gets.
  • John Wyatt

    On The Steel Breeze is a brilliant, self-assured, colourful space opera- with talking elephants.
  • Val Nolan

    The book is not merely a sequel, but a standalone adventure with heart.
  • John Wyatt

    Clever, thoughtful, feel-good SF.
  • Adam Roberts

    Adam Roberts
    Alastair Reynold's On the Steel Breeze moved his ambitious Poseidon's Children's series into interstellar space.