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Queen of the Dark Things

  • Author
    • C. Robert Cargill
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  • Published: Mar 12 2015
  • Pages: 416
  • 197 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9780575130166
Compared by many to Neil Gaiman but also praised for establishing his own unique, powerful yet warm voice, C. Robert Cargill has now moved his brilliant contemporary fantasy into a new world, a new mythology.

Two boys, spirited away into a dark world of myth and folklore that has lived, grown and changed alongside our world, have grown into men and now make their way. But faerie has not forgotten them, it never could, they wield too much power, too much hinges on them, so it reaches out again.

And a trip to Australia becomes a terrifying adventure amongst new gods, new spirits, new embodiments of an ancient land and power.
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Press Reviews

  • Upcoming 4 Me
    Cargill has proved that he has one of the best imaginations around and a writing talent to boot'
  • Kirkus Reviews
    fans of the first book won't be disappointed
  • Sci-Fi Now
    Thsi direct sequel feels more confident and just as excellent and hugely entertaining follow-up that delivers on its predecessor's promise