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  • Author
    • Jon Wallace
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  • Published: Apr 20 2017
  • Pages: 304
  • 197 x 131mm
  • ISBN: 9780575118928
A fast-moving, filmic and violent SF thriller, perfect for fans of Jack Campbell. A meeting of The Road and Rogue Trooper.

'My nanotech is dead. By definition I am no longer Ficial. On the other hand I don't experience your emotions. That makes me inhuman. Like I said: neither one nor the other.'

Caught in a world that is too busy destroying itself to care for anything except how to exploit the weak, Kenstibec is the ultimate outsider: he used to be invulnerable but now he's just a killer with no-one to kill for.

But when the old world is ending everyone needs a reason to live, someone to live for. Kenstibec is on a
quest. A quest that will take him across a freezing ocean and into the cold heart of a new world order.
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Press Reviews

    The worldbuilding is so well done, the mood powerfully maintained and the writing is superb.
    If this is going to be the final book in the series, then Wallace has gone out on a high.