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Rivers of London

The 10th Anniversary Special Edition
  • Author
    • Ben Aaronovitch
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  • Published: Aug 12 2021
  • 218 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781473234574
'Ben Aaronovitch's masterfully crafted world of magic, ghosts and gruesome crimes gives the late, great Terry Pratchett a run for his money' The Sun

'Great, great fun' Simon Mayo, Radio 2

This 10th anniversary special edition contains four masterful illustrations, a brand-new map, an illuminating introduction from author Ben Aaronovitch and stunning illustrated endpapers.

My name is Peter Grant, and I used to be a probationary constable in that mighty army for justice known to all right-thinking people as the Metropolitan Police Service, and to everyone else as the Filth.

My story really begins when I tried to take a witness statement from a man who was already dead . . .

Since its publication in 2011, Rivers of London has grown into an international phenomenon. Embark on your journey to a magical London with this special edition, the perfect escape from the real world to a place you'll never forget.
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Press Reviews

  • Charlaine Harris
    Rivers of London manages to be fresh and original and a wonderful read. I loved it
  • Diana Gabaldon
    What would happen if Harry Potter grew up and joined the Fuzz. A hilarious, keenly imagined caper
  • Peter F. Hamilton
    A consummate story of real policing in a vividly real world intersecting the decidedly unreal to marvellous effect. Filled with detail and imagination, the quality of this achievement stands out, making Aaronovitch a name to watch
  • Total Sci Fi
    Magical, mysterious and mesmerising, Rivers of London will have you spellbound
  • SFX
    An engaging mix of magic and police procedural, this is a great kick off to a very promising series as well as the most satisfying fantasy thriller to hit bookshelves in quite some time. Witty, imaginative and gripping
    We can't fault the pace, ingenuity and creativity of Rivers of London. With each page, we're eager to learn more about this mysterious new world, set on very familiar streets
  • i09
    The perfect blend of CSI and Harry Potter
  • Simon Mayo, Radio 2
    Great, great fun
  • Mail on Sunday
    Funny and wildly inventive
  • Living North
    It's a real treat - Hot Fuzz meets Harry Potter via hardboiled police procedural - with a compelling cast of characters and a nail-biting mystery to be solved
  • The Times
    An incredibly fast-moving magical joyride for grown-ups
  • The Sunday Express
    A darkly comic read with characters you can't help but like
  • Independent
    Charming, witty, exciting
  • The Sun
    Masterfully crafted . . . gives the late, great Terry Pratchett a run for his money
  • Nick Frost
    Ben Aaronovitch has created a wonderful world full of mystery, magic and fantastic characters. I love being there even more than the real London