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Servant of Earth

  • Author
    • Sarah Hawley
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  • Published: Nov 21 2024
  • Pages: 416
  • ISBN: 9781399626927
In the underground Fae realm, only the strongest and most ruthless have power-but a young human woman forced into a life of servitude is about to change everything.

Kenna Heron is best known in her village for being a little wild-some say "half feral"--but she'll need every ounce of that ferocity to survive captivity in the cruel Fae court.

Trapped as a servant in the faeries' underground kingdom of Mistei, Kenna must help her new mistress undertake six deadly trials, one for each branch of magic: Fire, Earth, Light, Void, Illusion, and Blood. If she succeeds, her mistress will gain immortality and become the heir to Earth House. If she doesn't, the punishment is death-for both mistress and servant.

With no ally but a sentient dagger of mysterious origins, Kenna must face monsters, magic, and grueling physical tests. But worse dangers wait underground, and soon Kenna gets caught up in a secret rebellion against the inventively sadistic faerie king. When her feelings for the rebellion's leader turn passionate, Kenna must decide if she's willing to risk her life for a better world and a chance at happiness.

Surviving the trials and overthrowing a tyrant king will take cunning, courage, and an iron will... but even that may not be enough.
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Press Reviews

  • Thea Guanzon, New York Times bestselling author of The Hurricane Wars
    Servant of Earth is a darkly enchanting page-turner laden with sensuality and intrigue. Sarah Hawley's haunting prose deftly guides readers through twist after heartstopping twist in a world as dangerous as it is richly built, featuring fascinatingly complex characters and the more sinister side of magic - and of love. I could not put this down.
  • Kate Golden, bestselling author of A Dawn of Onyx
    Hawley's romantasy debut is a stunner. Fun, fresh, and fantastical, this page-turning delight is a guaranteed binge read with a firecracker heroine at its centre
  • India Holton, national bestselling author of The Secret Service of Tea and Treason
    Sarah Hawley is a must-read author for me, and Servant of Earth cements this. A thrilling, wonderfully unique fae fantasy led by a fierce heroine, it's a powerful and gripping read that will leave you hooked. Fans of Sarah J. Maas will absolutely love it!