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Shaman of Stonewylde

  • Author
    • Kit Berry
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  • Published: Aug 08 2013
  • Pages: 560
  • 199 x 160mm
  • ISBN: 9780575098954
The Outside World clamours at the wrought iron gates, while the evil alliance within Stonewylde threatens to destroy everything. With their new business and their relationship in tatters, Yul and Sylvie find their once-beautiful world has been desecrated by the dark forces.

But Stonewylde is as old as the hills themselves, and the landscape endures. Leveret has at last discovered her true calling and is determined to lead the community back into a golden age of magic and prosperity.

As the enchanting tale of Stonewylde draws to its end, Sylvie finally realises why she was brought here and Yul understands his true destiny. Whilst Leveret sees exactly what lies ahead for Stonewylde ...

This cult series is a magical tale of love, anger and loss - but also, finally, of triumph against all adversity.
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