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  • Author
    • Victor Pelevin
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  • Published: Jun 18 2015
  • Pages: 480
  • 232 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781473213036
Damilola Karpov is a pilot. Living in Byzantium, a huge sky city floating above the land of Urkaine, he makes his living as a drone pilot - capable of being a cameraman who records the events unfolding in Urkaine or, with the weapons aboard his drone, of making a newsworthy event happen for his employers: 'Big Byz Media'.

His recordings are known as S.N.U.F.F.: Special Newsreel/Universal Feature Film.

S.N.U.F.F. is a superb post-apocalyptic novel, exploring the conflict between the nation of Urkaine, its causes and its relationship with the city 'Big Byz' above. Contrasting poverty and luxury, low and high technology, barbarity and civilisation - while asking questions about the nature of war, the media, entertainment and humanity.
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Press Reviews

  • SFX
    A sort of brilliantly inverted BRAVE NEW WORLD ...a great example of satirical SF, and expertly translated too
  • Sci-Fi Now
    SNUFF really strikes a cord whether you're au fait with contemporary Russian history or not
  • The Financial Times
    SNUFF is clever...easy to admire
  • M. John Harrison

    invention bubbles out of every paragraph; metaphors are pushed until they fall over; pantomime slips into nuanced parody and back again...there are so many good jokes, and conceits and notions