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The Generation Killer

  • Author
    • Adam Simcox
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  • Published: Jun 22 2023
  • Pages: 448
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781473230804
The second thrilling instalment of Adam Simcox's 'wildly entertaining' (Adam Hamdy) THE DYING SQUAD series.

There's a new serial killer on the streets of Manchester - and only a dead cop can stop them.

Detective Joe Lazarus works for the Dying Squad, solving crimes the living police can't. When the Generation Killer starts wiping out Manchester's innocents, Joe and his new partner Bits have mere hours to catch the murderer. A young woman's life depends on it.

Joe's former partner Daisy-May has her own problems. Children are going missing in the afterlife, and she's the only one who seems to care. Her investigation uncovers a conspiracy so vast, it threatens both the living and the dead.

Her predecessor the Duchess can't help this time; she's tracked her treacherous sister, Hanna, to Tokyo, where she's been recruiting the dead. The Duchess must enlist the help of a local detective if she's to have any choice of stopping her.

Time is running out for the Dying Squad. And if they can't crack their cases, it's the living that will pay...
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Press Reviews

  • Stuart Turton, Sunday Times bestelling author and winner of the Costa First Novel Award for The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
    THE DYING SQUAD is one of those books that fizzes with life. Every page has a new idea, or a funny line, and Daisy May is just a brilliant character to spend time with. Also, the ending arrives in a steel-tipped boot. Well played Adam
  • Anna Stephens, author of The Godblind trilogy
    Excellent. Funny, creepy and "oh no he did not just throw that twist in there" compelling'
  • Adam Hamdy
    Whip-smart, fresh with a dash of dark humour, The Dying Squad is a wildly entertaining read. Highly recommended
  • David Wragg, The Black Hawks
    Grim, wry and inventive, a twisting tale with both guts and heart. Never has Lincolnshire seemed more desolate, or more menacing
  • Rob Parker, author of A Wanted Man
    Untameably original, so stylish and packed with a biting humour
  • The Sun
    A thrilling ride with dark humour, action and a touching side that's hard to forget
  • The Sun
    A worthy sequel to The Dying Squad, and elevates Simcox to a new level
  • Peterborough Telegraph
    This is a hard-edged fantasy thriller . . . let your imagination run wild and it's a riot
  • The Bibliophile Chronicles
    An utterly compelling, fresh take on the crime thriller with loads of tension and atmosphere, this series is a must read
  • SFBook
    A great crime noir . . . dark and twisted
  • Love Reading
    The Generation Killer cements this supernatural crime series as one to watch
  • Brian Clegg Blogspot
    The Generation Killer is an original, gripping and gut-wrenching approach to the urban fantasy genre
  • E.L. Cocker
    It's grand opera coated in Manchester grime and British cop wit, and it's unrelenting fun from start to finish with an emotional punch you won't see coming