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The God Game

  • Author
    • Danny Tobey
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  • Published: Nov 05 2020
  • Pages: 464
  • 198 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781473224490
'Like an episode of Black Mirror written by Stephen King' John Marrs, bestselling author of The One

'Immersive, claustrophobic . . . addictive' Guardian

Win and All Your Dreams Come True™! ;)

Charlie and his friends have entered the God Game.

Tasks are delivered through their phones. When they accomplish a mission, the game rewards them. Charlie's money problems could be over. Vanhi can erase the one bad grade on her university application. It's all fun and games - at first.

Then the threatening messages start.

Obey me.

Mysterious packages show up at their homes. Shadowy figures start following them. Who else is playing this game, and how far will they go to win?

As Charlie looks for a way out, there's only one rule he knows for sure.

If you die in the game, you die for real.

'Smart, propulsive and gripping' Harlan Coben, #1 Sunday Times bestselling author
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Press Reviews

  • Tom Perrotta, New York Times bestselling author of The Leftovers
    A dark, edgy thriller
  • Elif Batuman, author of Pulitzer Prize finalist The Idiot
    A gripping page-turner
  • Harlan Coben, #1 Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author
    Smart, propulsive and gripping, The God Game is an ambitious thriller and a terrifying examination of what could - and probably already is - happening in the world of artificial intelligence
  • John Marrs
    Like an episode of Black Mirror written by Stephen King. It reminded me in parts of Stand By Me meets Ready Player One - a wildly original thriller with heart
  • Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author
    Tension and turmoil add up to high stakes suspense and a plot that will make you wonder if all this stuff is real. Danny Tobey absolutely kicks butt and takes names in this gem of a thriller
  • Booklist
    With a pace that is fast but not too fast . . . and a story that keeps the reader in a constant state of suspense, the book is sure to appeal to SF readers, gamers, and anyone who enjoys a well-plotted, well-told thriller
    Great characters, a novel concept, and scary set pieces.
    Fans of AI run amok should relish this one.
  • SciFiNow
    Apt and modern
  • Guardian
    Tobey brilliantly captures the immersive, claustrophobic atmosphere of the malign game and its addictive allure for a collection of flawed and needy characters