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The Gollancz Halloween Bundle 2022: A Spooky Selection

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  • Published: Oct 20 2022
  • 1580 g
  • 240 x 160mm
  • ISBN: 9781399613026

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Get your hands on The Gollancz Halloween Bundle: A Spooky Selection - a bumper collection of scary reads for an unbeatable price.

A selection of brand-new horror alongside genre favourites makes this the ultimate way to get your horror fix this Halloween.

Family Business by Jonathan Sims (Hardback)
DEATH. IT'S A DIRTY BUSINESS. When Diya Burman joins Slough & Sons, a family firm that cleans up after the recently deceased, she begins to question why this strange man keeps turning up at their jobs. The answer might be worse than anything she could imagine . . .

Ghost Story by Peter Straub (Paperback)
The classic small-town horror filled with creeping dread. It began after the party at which one of their members, Edward Wanderley, died. They started telling ghost stories, extraordinary ghost stories . . . ghost stories that did not always stop when the teller finished speaking . . .

Little Eve by Catriona Ward (Paperback)
Winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Horror. New Year's Day, 1921. Seven mutilated bodies are discovered in an ancient stone circle on a remote Scottish island. The sole survivor of the massacre, Dinah, claims that Eve is the murderer. Yet as Eve's story of the years leading up the massacre intertwines with Dinah's account of the aftermath, a darker, stranger truth begins to emerge . . .

These are some of the scariest stories you'll find, stories best read with the lights on, stories which will keep you up long into the night . . .

With a combined value of over £38, we're offering this bundle as an Emporium exclusive for just £25.