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The Moonlight Market

NEVERWHERE meets STARDUST in this spellbinding new fantasy from the million copy bestseller
  • Author
    • Joanne Harris
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  • Published: Jul 02 2024
  • Pages: 288
  • ISBN: 9781399604741
Don't miss The Moonlight Market, the spellbinding modern fairytale coming this summer from the million-copy bestselling author.

Orphaned, lonely, and lost in his photography work, Tom has no intention of falling in love. And yet, love finds him in the shape of beautiful Vanessa, who lives a dangerous double life in the heart of London's King's Cross.

Tom's pursuit of Vanessa leads him to discover an alternate world, hidden amongst the streets and rooftops of London - and inhabited by strange and colourful beings. In this mysterious realm, two ancient factions - one of night, one of day - have waged war for centuries over a forbidden love and a long-lost prince of sun and starlight.

But when Tom finds a secret market that appears only in moonlight, where charms and spells are bought with memories, he starts to wonder whether he's been here before...

Perfect for fans of Neverwhere and Stardust, follow a young photographer through the secret layers of London as he discovers an entire world captured in the negatives, one where a magic war, a lost prince, and an epic romance are waiting to be found...

Praise for Joanne Harris:

'A core fantasy... with a cool twist' STEPHENIE MEYER
'A master of her craft' MATT HAIG
'Exhilarating. Addictive. Fierce' BRIDGET COLLINS
'Enchanting and thought-provoking' IAN RANKIN
'Blazes with anger and sorrow' MARIAN KEYES
'Utterly unforgettable' CATRIONA WARD
'Bold, brave and timely' SARAH PINBOROUGH
'Thought-provoking and evocative' TOR.COM
'Moving and brilliant' DAILY MAIL
'Dreamy' METRO
'Magical, poignant, and wholly transporting' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
'Hauntingly evocative' TIME OUT
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