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The Song of the Sycamore

  • Author
    • Edward Cox
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  • Published: Apr 02 2020
  • Pages: 496
  • 198 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781473226838
On the broken world of Urdezha, Wendal Finn died on the hostile plains of the wasteland, one more casualty in the endless war between the city-dwellers and the clansfolk. But now Wendal has returned to his home city of Old Castle, possessed by something he brought back from the wasteland, something old and best left forgotten. The spirits are calling it Sycamore, an ancient entity out to avenge all victims of murder. And in a city like Old Castle, no one is innocent.

With his mind trapped inside a dead body, Wendal can do nothing but watch as Sycamore turns him into a serial killer. Until the magicians take an interest in him. Preserving Wendal's body and trapping Sycamore inside it, the magicians now have the perfect assassin at their disposal. Whenever they need an enemy removed, they can set the killer loose on Old Castle. Between these moments of horror, Wendal struggles to piece together the remnants of his former life. He wants to know why his wife died while he was fighting in the war, but no one will tell him, no one wants him to know. Left to his own devices, Wendal picks at the scabs that cover the dark secrets of the magicians and reveals a threat to every city on Urdezha.

The clans are massing. A supernatural storm is raging across the wasteland. It has already destroyed one city, and now it is heading for Old Castle. And the only one who might prevent oblivion is the murderous entity who the spirits are calling Sycamore.
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Press Reviews

  • Gavin Smith, author of The Bastard Legion
    The Song of the Sycamore is a seamless blend of fantasy and science fiction wrapped around an intriguing mystery that keeps you hooked. Masterful storytelling, a must read.
  • Anna Stephens
    Imaginative, creepy, tragic, violent and poignant -- The Song of the Sycamore is a fantastic book
  • Peter McLean
    Fresh and inventive, with a beautifully crafted world - Cox has outdone himself
  • Joanne Harris
    Song of the Sycamore is all I would expect from Ed Cox and more: fast-paced, well-observed, compassionate and thoughtful. I loved it.
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky
    A darkly disquieting story elegantly told and full of twists
  • James Barclay
    Original, engrossing, sinister, compelling and delivered in style