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The This

  • Author
    • Adam Roberts
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  • Published: Nov 10 2022
  • Pages: 304
  • 198 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781473230910
The This is the new social media platform everyone is talking about. Allow it to be injected into the roof of your mouth and it will grow into your brain, allow you to connect with others without even picking up your phone. Its followers are growing. Its detractors say it is a cult. But for one journalist, hired to do a puff-piece interview with their CEO, it will change the world forever.

Adan just wants to stay at home with his smart-companion Elegy - phone, friend, confidante, sex toy. But when his mother flees to Europe and joins a cult, leaving him penniless, he has to enlist in the army. Sentient robots are invading America, but it seems Adan has a surprising ability to survive their attacks. He has a purpose, even if he doesn't know what it is.

And in the far future, war between a hivemind of AIs and the remnants of humanity is coming to its inevitable end. But one woman has developed a weapon which might change the course of the war. It's just a pity she's trapped in an inescapable prison on a hivemind ship.
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Press Reviews

  • Locus Magazine
    An utterly bonkers, structurally ambitious novel about love, immortality, and the technological singularity...The This is an accessible, frequently funny novel.
  • SFX Magazine
    Ambitious and fragmentary. [The This is] fascinating...5 stars!
  • The Times
    Sci-fi's most outrageous experimentalist...The Times' Book of the month.
  • Brian Clegg, Popular Science
    Adam Roberts is easily the most interesting active science fiction author. He is the 21st century's equivalent of John Brunner - endlessly innovative. [The This is] intensely clever.