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The Time of the Clockmaker

  • Author
    • Anna Caltabiano
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  • Published: Jun 09 2016
  • Pages: 288
  • 131 x 199mm
  • ISBN: 9781473200449
Her mentor shockingly killed in front of her, Rebecca Hatfield must flee the place and time she knows. She has lost her family, her dearest love and her ability to live a normal life. All she has left is the gift - or curse - of her immortality, and the bizarre clock that allows her to travel in time.

But when she too is attacked by the mysterious black-clad figure, Rebecca finds herself stranded in Tudor England. The clock has been stolen and without it, she can never leave the past. Alone, without friends or resources, she must risk the danger of Henry VIII's court and hunt down her attacker.

But someone else is waiting for her...
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Press Reviews

  • Starburst Magazine
    17 year old Anna Caltabiano writes a romance that is amusing, enjoyable to read and doesn't slip into prose such as 'he took my roughly and crushed me to his chiselled chest
  • Elder Park Book Reviews
    To me the book was an allegory of losing one's childhood and Anna Caltabiano does it beautifully. The Seventh Miss Hatfield" is as enchanting as Harry Potter and has a rich adventure laden plot. It will make you laugh and cry, often at the same time
  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    This book is a very good historical romance. It has some excellent character building, some great relationships and some very neat, elegant writing that really works
  • The Book Plank
    I have to once again say that I am impressed with the story, and especially the level of it, the characterization and dialogues feel just as they would have to be in real-life, completely natural and not forced at all
  • SF Book
    The Seventh Miss Hatfield is a gentle and engaging story that unfolds through the narration of its central character, Cynthia, who, for reasons you will learn in the book, becomes the character of the title. A plot involving time travel and immortality follows, although the story emphasis remains on the characters and their interaction.
  • Curiosity Killed the Bookworm
    This is Anna Caltabiano's second novel, written by the age of seventeen! She should be praised for a light and enjoyable Victorian tale, with a dash of fantasy.
  • The Big Issue
  • We Love This Book
    The tension of the story is well-maintained and gripping and the style fresh
  • The Bookbag
    if you like a light-hearted tale in the corridor of another century then this is a delightful story.
    Positively charming... if you loved The Seventh Miss Hatfield you'll definitely love The Time of the Clockmaker as well.