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Time and the Gods

An Omnibus
  • Author
    • Lord Dunsany
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  • Published: May 28 2020
  • Pages: 592
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781473221963
Dreamworlds, magic; faerie - an entrancing collection from 'One of the greatest writers of this century' Arthur C Clarke

Of all the weavers of magic, there is none like Lord Dunsany. During his long lifetime he wrote more than sixty books including novels, plays, poetry collections most memorably, innumerable exotic and fantastical short stories.

Here is the very best of Dunsany's extraordinarily evocative tales of Faerie, of dreamworlds and of magic. Considered a major influence on J R R Tolkien and Ursula Le Guin, these are some of the most beguiling fantasies in the English language, including the complete contents of Time and the Gods, The Book of Wonder, The Sword of Welleran and The Last Book of Wonder.

'To the truly imaginative he is a talisman and a key unlocking rich storehouses of dreams' H P Lovecraft
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Press Reviews

  • H P Lovecraft

    To the truly imaginative he is a talisman and a key unlocking rich storehouses of dreams
  • Katharine Kerr

    Lord Dunsany's work is immensely significant as well as enjoyable even today
  • Arthur C Clarke

    One of the greatest writers of this century
  • Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
    It's not simply the beauty of the language, the astute eye for character, the hint of humor, or even the spell of legendry and wonder, but Dunsany's unique combination of all of the above. Even read today, with all the fantasy novels I've read, his work remains fresh and exuberant
  • Ursula K Le Guin

    A delicate ear for speech rhythms and a brilliantly exact imagination
  • H P Lovecraft

    No amount of mere description can convey more than a fraction of Lord Dunsany's pervasive charm